The universal classification of science recognizes 3 groups of sciences:
1. social,
2. humanistic and
3. natural-technical sciences.

                                                     The classification of sciences on branches

Classification of sciences

Criminology is differently understood by many scientists.Combining different theory standpoints into categories, criminology can be understood as a:

1. synthetic science or
2. group science.

                                                                Meaning of criminology

Criminology uses a wide range of research methods. The choice of research methods in criminological research will entirely depend upon research questions. There are 4 different types of research questions. Research questions are: a) descriptive, b) exploratory, c) explanatory and d) evaluative.

                                                  Types of research questions in criminology

Methods in social sciences are usually divided into two categories:

1. quantitative research methods and

 What to research in criminology?

Objects of research in criminology

Crime can be analyzed from various aspects, and levels of analysis are:

1.1 delinquency as a phenomenon                                   
1.2 types of crimes                                    -------)       number  of  crimes                                                  1.3 individual crime

2.1 criminals
2.2 victims                                           -----------)       number of persons

Criminology disciplines are:

1. Criminal sociology

2. Criminal biology

3. Criminal psychology

4. Criminal psychopathology

5. Criminal politics or anti-delinquent policy

6. Penology

7. Criminal etiology

8. Criminal phenomenology

9. Victimology

Criminology disciplines

Criminal sociology researches criminality and asocial behaviors as phenomenon’s which are results of certain social conditions.

Crime policy is an interdisciplinary science, organization and system of government, other entities and institutions trough planned and joint system of measures and procedures which effect in the prevention and repression of crime or delinquency. In other words, the crime policy is an instance which determines the direction where the whole system of anti-criminal measures should be directed.

Penology (Latin "poena" and Greek "logos") is etymologically defined as a science about a punishment. Penology is a section or part of theoretical criminology that researches effectiveness of criminal sanctions and executions of punishments using knowledge of criminology.

Criminal psychology studies personality of delinquents and victims in order to understand, predict and change their behavior.

Criminal psychopathology studies crimes which are related to mental disorders.

Criminal biology studies biological functions of a man as causes and results of criminal behaviors.

Criminology theories of crime