Criminal Justice Online Degree Programs in America the lowest cost of distance learning

Bellow listed University programs are affordable from a perspective of income. In the recession, the value of degrees has significantly dropped. The degree doesn't necessary mean getting a job for sure. Those who express the wish to upgrade their academic knowledge, have a job and sustainable income will certainly be interested to explore and employ criminal justice knowledge in their branch as a way to sustain their job position.Worldwide employment trends show an increase of need for experts in medical, accounting and health care professions. Because the governments do not expand, have large deficits, have imposed the cuts and austerity measures, it is very unlikely that there will be a demand for specialists in criminal justice in the period of 10 years. However, the rapid development of new types of computer crimes will certainly require an attention of experienced criminologists and IT specialists as cyber detectives.

Criminology jobs are generally for those who have obtained bachelors, masters or PhD degrees in the area of criminology or criminal justice. Criminologists in general terms are an analysts, and criminological education usually attracts people who have well developed analytical, cognitive, logical, practical, systematical and creative skills. Sometimes criminology jobs require experts of different education profile and working background to work for law enforcement. Having a degree in criminology or criminal justice doesn't necessary mean that the person will work automatically in criminal justice system agencies. Although the education is specific, implementation of skills and knowledge's gained trough criminological education can be various, and criminology college freshman can find even better job opportunities in the private sector.

Top Five universities in America

Job opportunities for criminologists can be found in more than 10 job profession areas:

Private sector

1. Security agencies

2. Consulting companies (security consulting)

3. Insurance companies ( insurance swindle investigation)

4. Banks (surveillance systems, internal control unit)

5. Other organizations

Private sector employers usually hire experienced professional who have at least 3-7 years of working experience in criminal justice system. They rarely take trainees.

Government and local governments

1. Police agencies

2. Courts

3. Correctional institutions

4. Military

5. Other governments and local government organizations

University, program
Location, Contact Info
$ 7,000
Fort Hays State University,

Master of Liberal Studies/Criminal Justice
Fort Hays State University
Hays, Kansas 67601
(785) 628-5578
United States
$ 10,000
  American Public University,

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
Charles Town, West Virginia,
111 W Congress St,

New Mexico State University,

Master of Science Criminal Justice

Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003
            United States
Troy University e-Campus,
Master of Science in Criminal Justice
601 University Avenue, Troy,  334-670-0195
United States of America
  3 -
University of Central Missouri,
Master of Science
306 Broad Street, Warrensburg,
United States of America